The official start of summer is just around the corner, which means shorts weather has arrived! This will be our first New York summer, and I couldn't be more excited. Since living in Syracuse, we've somehow managed to always skip town right as the snow finally melts and the flowers begin to bloom. To make up for lost time, my husband and I have been basking in all that summer in the Northeast has to offer — rooftop hangs with friends, weekend exploring, and soaking up some good ol' sunshine. 

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that finding a pair of truly comfortable shorts is no easy feat. In fact, I often feel like Goldilocks from the popular children's tale while shorts shopping. They're almost always either too long, too short, too tight, too loose ... the list goes on. And when a pair of shorts does fit, they typically don't hold up throughout the day, resulting in an endless cycle of tugging and pulling to keep them in place. This year, my shorts dreams finally came true. Thanks to North Carolina-based clothing studio, Formation Design, I found a pair of shorts that fit just right.

Women need to move about this world in comfortable clothing that is compatible with their identity. We believe in selecting the right natural fibers for each style and making sure each piece has functionality.

Constructed out of a midweight, natural linen with a drapey silhouette, high waistband, and oversized pockets, the Utility Short is both flattering and functional. I've been wearing these shorts a couple times a week since they arrived in early May, and so far, they've held up wonderfully. Even after several full-day wears, they've maintained their shape other than a bit of wrinkling, which is expected with linen and can be easily fixed with a quick ironing. Summer style is all about comfort and function, and the Utility Short is exactly that. There really is nothing better than wearing publicly-approved pajamas on lazy, hot summer days.