Exciting news... We're moving!

My husband and I have lived in the same tiny apartment in downtown Syracuse for the last four years, and while it's been a good ride, we're ready for more nature and space ... and less buildings. We recently signed a lease on the dreamiest modern industrial rental space in the town of Auburn, located about half an hour away from downtown Syracuse and we move in at the end of the month (I cannot wait to share photos with you guys once we're all settled in)! 

I'm a purger of stuff by nature, so one part of the move I'm really looking forward to is the inevitable paring down of our belongings that will take place over the next couple of weeks; determining which items we actually love and use, and which items have simply been collecting dust over the years and are ready to be passed on to a new loving home.

This brings me to my next sustainable maker feature — Portland-based designer, Regina of Passage Jewelry.

I believe in the idea of paring down, of owning only the things you love.

Inspired by authentic women who are strong and not afraid to live life according to their vision, Regina creates beautiful works of art that you can wear and love — from bold statement pieces inspired by nature and spiritual elements to minimal, delicate designs made for everyday wear. The name, "Passage" actually comes from Regina's personal experiences; she feels as though she's currently in a "passing through" phase of life — which I can totally relate to!

Regina makes each Passage Jewelry piece by hand in her home studio overlooking Mt. Hood, which serves as a major source of inspiration for her work. As a lover of nature, Regina also considers how her process impacts the environment, opting for brass and recycled metal for her gold and silver pieces. Additionally, any leftovers are sent back to the supplier to be melted and used again.


I first discovered Passage Jewelry last November when Andrea of Seasons + Salt featured the Celeste Earrings on her Instagram. I'd been on the hunt for a pair of statement earrings for months, so when I came across the Luna Earrings, I knew I finally found what I was looking for all along. After posting about them on Instagram, Regina reached out and we connected (I have to admit, this is one of my favorite aspects of blogging — getting to know all of the incredible makers and sharing their story).

Regina recently released a collection of simple hoop earrings, and was kind enough to send me a pair to style. I was immediately drawn to the 14k gold fill Geometric Triangle Hoops. They were especially unique and I knew they would make a great addition to my jewelry drawer (more like a small bag inside my dresser drawer). These earrings are just big enough to make a statement, but also subtle enough that they can be worn with my casual, not-so-exciting, everyday outfits. After having them for a few weeks now, I've realized just how versatile these hoops are ... they can either be worn with the horizontal line at the top (pictured) OR with one of the pointed corners at the top for a totally different look.





Huge thanks to Passage Jewelry for collaborating on this post and for sending me these lovely earrings! As always, all opinions are my own and I selectively work with brands that share the same values when it comes to ethical and environmental responsibility.