Fall has officially arrived, and this gal couldn’t be more excited (though I’ll admit… I’m not quite ready for the looming winter)! To welcome the long awaited change in seasons, I thought it would be fun to kick off a new style series, called “A Seasonless Wardrobe.”

So… what exactly is a seasonless wardrobe?

I think of a seasonless wardrobe as an extension of the popular capsule wardrobe philosophy — putting together a mini wardrobe of versatile pieces to wear each season — but with your entire closet. A seasonless wardrobe comprises of clothing that can easily transcend from one season to the next, with the exception of items like coats and sandals, which are fairly limited to their respective seasons for obvious reasons. It teaches you how to be intentional about your clothing purchases and ask the tough questions, especially when considering investment pieces — Do I really need it? How many different ways can I style it? What can I pair it with? Will I wear it enough to justify the cost?

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There’s nothing like a trusty button up to carry you through each season. Ever since it was released at the beginning of the summer, I had my eyes set on this lovely Tradlands Box Top (currently 40% OFF) and finally got my hands on it last month. So far, I’ve worn it at least once a week, pairing it with everything from linen shorts to jeans and a sweater (hello, indecisive transitional weather).



Despite popular belief, those beloved linen pants aren’t just for sweltering summer days. Linen is constructed out of hollow fibers, which allows it to act as a natural insulator, keeping you cool in the summertime and warm in the dead of winter. Call me crazy, but I totally wore my linen pieces throughout winter last year … even when it was in the single digits (here’s proof)! As much as I’ve been loving the length of these linen pants I purchased from Dallas Daws Designs recently, I actually plan to hem them for a more cropped length so that they work better with my ankle boots … because I refuse to part with these pants for the next seven months (yep… that’s about how long winter lasts here).



Most of my coats and jackets haven’t seen the light of day since early May, with a few exceptions, including this denim jacket I received from Tradlands last fall. Light enough for cool summer evenings, and heavy enough for mild winter days — with a sweater underneath, of course — a classic denim jacket is the perfect layering piece, and has certainly withstood the test of time.



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