As soon as March rolls around, I’m usually ready to say farewell to winter. But this year is different. As much as I’m starting to crave that warm sunshine on my face, I’m also feeling reluctant as signs of spring slowly emerge from the melting ice and snow because I know this will likely be our last winter living in the Northeast … at least for a while. We’re still waiting to find out exactly where our move will take us in the next few months, but right now, it’s looking like we’ll be heading somewhere that doesn’t see much snow, if any.

And while many people dread winter in the north (my husband included), I find myself drawn to it. There’s something so magical about this season, from waking up to a fresh blanket of snow on the ground to experiencing nature in its rawest, simplest form.

I also feel like my personal style thrives in the winter. The cold weather allows me to experiment with layering different textures and silhouettes, and most of my wardrobe consists of wintry tones — aside from black and white, I typically gravitate toward neutral colors you would find in nature during this time of year.


I recently connected with Kat of Pamut Apparel over Instagram, and she was kind enough to gift me this beautiful stone washed organic cotton dress from her SS19 collection (launching soon)! I couldn’t wait to style it, even if that meant frolicking around in the ice and snow on a cold, blustery day (it was absolutely worth it)!

I winterized the Gabriela dress by pairing it with a thrifted silk blouse in the loveliest chocolate brown color (scored at Thrifty Shopper for $3), topped off with tights and ankle boots. This look has a very “vintage minimalism” vibe, which is the where I find my personal and interior design style heading. Thrifting has opened my eyes to the world of affordable, quality vintage pieces, and over recent months, I’ve found myself gravitating more and more to items that reflect a time when life was simpler. A time when people were more connected to their natural surroundings, giving back to the land that provided for them and appreciating what each season had to offer.

A native of North Carolina, I had always loved driving past the miles and miles of snowy white cotton fields. As I grew older and the fields of cotton shrank, I decided that I wanted to do something to help revive the local textile industry.
— Kat, Pamut Apparel

Pamut Apparel’s philosophy relates to this idea of caring for nature and giving back to the community through the clothing we wear. Each garment is designed with care, and every detail has a purpose. They source only natural fibers — organic certified cotton, linen, and sustainably sourced raw silk — and use low-impact dying and printing techniques to create unique, one-of-a-kind garments made in small batches. Pamut also cares about the people they work with. All garments are cut and sewn at their Raleigh studio or at worker-owned facilities such as Opportunity Threads in Valdese, NC. 


Outfit Details

Pamut Apparel dress c/o (available soon!) | Silk blouse (thrifted) | Favor Jewelry rings c/o


If you were to pick a phrase to define your personal style, what would it be?