The uniform – it's that one outfit you constantly find yourself reaching for as you get dressed for the day, and a fundamental element of any minimalist's wardrobe. It's effortless, comfortable, and most importantly, you feel good wearing it. Why else would you gravitate toward the same outfit over and over again?

My uniform as of late? An oversized sweater paired with skinny jeans, a knit beanie, a warm wool coat, and simple jewelry. Thankfully it's been a relatively mild winter in Syracuse, so I've even been able to get away with wearing ankle boots on most days... that is, when I actually leave the apartment.  

Right now, I have four sweaters on heavy rotation, but my most frequented is the T Sweater by Jamie + the Jones, a slow fashion studio based out of Nashville, TN. After dreaming about the T Sweater all summer, I decided to buy it as a birthday present to myself in September. Since then, I've worn it at least once a week, sometimes two or three times. Oftentimes, my husband will even say, "You're wearing that sweater again?"

We create simple, wearable art to live in.
— Jamie Frazier + Hannah Jones

The T Sweater has become a transitional staple in my wardrobe, pairing well with shorts or a dress during summer and early fall, or with pants and a coat during winter and spring. The woven texture is perfectly imperfect, with distinct features and details that make it one-of-a-kind, like an original piece of artwork you can wear.

STYLING TRICK | If worn as the top layer, roll the sleeves a few times to create a slouchy, semi-polished silhouette. If worn as the base layer, unroll the sleeves all the way and cuff them over your coat or jacket to avoid any awkward bunching.



What's your winter uniform?