Fall has officially arrived! In addition to the changing foliage and pumpkin spice-flavored everything, this season also welcomes the return of one of my favorite sustainable textiles – wool.

This cozy, natural fiber is a great eco-friendly option for keeping warm for several reasons. For starters, wool comes from sheep, which are part of the natural carbon cycle. In fact, 50% of the weight of wool is pure organic carbon. If farmed responsibly, this process can even increase carbon storage in the ground, helping to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Wool is also an incredibly durable fiber and can easily outlive most of your wardrobe. Caring for wool clothing typically involves less washing, which means less water used. Always opt for wool products that can be washed by hand, as this is much more environmentally-friendly than dry cleaning. When wool does eventually reach the end of its life, it's readily recyclable and biodegradable, so it won't consume more space in our already overflowing landfills. 


When you live in upstate New York, there's no such thing as owning too much wool... Enter the dreamiest wool coat from Two Fold Clothing, a small batch clothing label run by one of my dear Instagram friends, Morgan. When I previewed the FW17 Collection, I immediately fell in love with the Lorena Coat because of it's simple, modern silhouette. This wool "coatigan" is the perfect hybrid between a simple kimono and a warm winter coat, making it seamlessly transition from wearing around the house to partaking in your favorite fall adventures. The balance of the slim sleeves with a wider silhouette make it flattering and refined without sacrificing comfort. Bonus: It has pockets! (There's something about a good pocket that gets me every time).

When sourcing the wool used for this coat, I was looking for something that was soft, warm, and easy to wear.

When sourcing the wool used for this coat, Morgan wanted to find something that was soft, warm, and easy to wear, while also being heavy enough to not need an extra layer. After struggling to find what she was looking for in the U.S., Morgan decided to look elsewhere, and ended up discovering a great wool supplier in Japan, which has some of the finest fabrics in the world. Wool coats have a tendency to be quite scratchy, but the Lorena Coat is different. It's like wrapping yourself in a warm, cozy blanket – and looking good doing so.


I truly admire Morgan's commitment to environmental and social consciousness – from selecting only high-quality, certified organic and sustainable fabrics, to using 100% recycled packaging, to creating all pieces from start to finish under one roof in her North Carolina-based studio. Not only is she always looking for new ways to reduce waste and be gentler on the planet, but she also has a passion for helping those in need. To channel that passion, Two Fold Clothing works with 410 Bridge, a company that helps communities in the developing world thrive and become more economically stable.


Outfit Details

Lorena Coat by Two Fold Clothing C/O | Cocoon Dress by Sotela | Rings by Favor Jewelry | Necklace by Another Feather


Be sure to check out the complete fw17 collection FOR SUSTAINABLY-MADE COOL WEATHER ESSENTIALS. 


Big thanks to Morgan for partnering on this post and gifting me this stunning piece! As always, all opinions are my own.